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You people can’t tell me you don’t need to smoke some herbs + Shipping.

You people can’t tell me you don’t need to smoke some herbs + Shipping.
June 24, 2020 Vaporize

Hey Yall, just done a small price cut round to first page products.

I have decided to make our shipping twice weekly. Sometimes I do free express upgrades. I don’t think it is going to have any large impact on shipping times. Just trying to slow things down while speeding up if that makes sense.

You people can’t tell me that you can’t benefit from burning a little more herb. I have instructed people not to spend their super money on Drinking or Gambling. Fair call yes? But if you have taken 10K I officially authorise people to spend $2 – $300 with your local herbal healing enterprise. Preferencing ME of course. Dis party stinks yall. Yo titties be beneath the turquoise. You can’t tell me my workings didn’t help you break some of that cash out of super. And this is how you do me?

What would I Buy. Whats Good?

I think these wax Pieces are good. I have done heaps of Price Cuts. They are still current in the US Market.
Atmos Kiln RA
KandyPens Mini

How Would I use them – I would home grow and get yo Rosin Game strong. Then I would run them through a water filter. Classy. Just use it occasionally for meditation nights and de-stressing.

Im keen to sell these. Our price now is close to wholesale. Why Would I buy a Dry Herb unit like this?
FlowerMate Swift
It’s like this. Last winter I burnt too many trees before Winter. Poor form. I wasn’t well with Asthma as winter came through.

This year I have been heaps better. I took some big smoke breaks for weeks before winter came through.
But I still need to smoke sometimes. Last week I had a headache – probably from you know, processing all of your tardation shit. So I abstained from rolling…..Like strong men do. And I hit the Air Vape one night. Then the next day I had two chambers of herb from that. That edible dose alone the next night gave me a really nice relaxing night and relaxing anti inflammatory experience. Being straight. I were Tree High.

Now Quan Yeomans is going to use his musical musings to paint all of this herbal inhalation activity in a bad light. But I bet Quan is right now kicking it in Melbourne strumming that black and white lightning number. Doing Pet Shop Boys Covers. GO WESSSTT!!! Thankfully he can’t get to us and fuck up our shin-dig this far north.

Smoke some tree people. Dis Party Stinks.


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