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Why we built Discreet.Cash

Why we built Discreet.Cash
September 30, 2019 Vaporize

Some transactions you really don’t want people knowing about.

Vaporisation is fairly common place activity. But that doesn’t mean that when you buy a vape you want certain people knowing about it.

You probably don’t want the health insurance guy knowing about it.
And you probably don’t want the government guy knowing about it.
the list goes on.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think you should be overly concerned about your enjoyment of herb vaping.
I just don’t think you should also so easily forgo your desire for privacy.

So some services just do better with more confidentiality. Our customers do ask about our packaging, and we keep it discreet. So why not extend discretion to other levels of our service. Discreet.Cash is a platform designed to give our customers separation from what they are buying and where they pay. Discreet.Cash gives customers a range of guarantees that their Name and Address wont be included in 3rd party APIs that are generally used to store and collect data. Other online payment services just didn’t work for us. We have had to build our own thing and in doing that we can build something that caters to the needs of our typical customers.

All orders via can be paid for with Discreet.Cash – Just grab us on chat and say that you are paying with a Discreet.Cash Balance.


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