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What is smoking tyranny and who are the smoking tyrants?

What is smoking tyranny and who are the smoking tyrants?
January 13, 2020 Vaporize

This post is not intended to paint a rosy picture of smoking. It is designed to tackle a phenomena where in our society people can get away with tyrannical policy related to smoking but not actually do anything of substance to contribute to long term human health.

Smoking whether you appreciate it or not is a core component of human consumption behaviour. Inhalation into the lungs is inherently medical whether you are talking about smoking, inhaling the scent of oils or using a medical style inhalator. It is a consumption channel that we need to pay attention to. Not bastardise.

So we need to look out for smoking tyrants. We need to look for people looking to spread fear, looking to implement extreme policy without evidence or research backing them. We need to check with them to see if they are certain they are serving long term good or serving shallow self interest.

I personally think that the government have participated in structured occult murder within the smoking industry. One place I know we are going to find solid evidence of that murder is in lung cancer chemo treatment.

So that is Smoking tyranny. People who use extremism without actually having human quality of life and length of life in mind. The government can easily be accused of this tyranny because they have happily profited from both the sale of smokes and the sale of chemo therapies.

Let’s make sure the decisions we make in the vape industry are progressive so they give in terms of our peoples quality of life.

This is a short post, but we just wanted to convey the complexity of decision making that needs to be made in regards to human health and smoking. Lets not let extremists, tyrants and government sociopaths knee jerk and stop us from leaving the next generation with tools that will support their life and cultivate their spirit on earth.


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