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We rely on you to Stimulate our Package.

We rely on you to Stimulate our Package.
March 18, 2020 Vaporize

I find it really hilarious that no matter what happens in the world the solution is Governments giving people money.

– Fires – Government Money
– Koalas – Government Money
– New Industry – Government Money

It seems like our life purpose is crawling up to a government and hoping for a handout.

I cant be a part of that. They are telling us in so many ways that the governments are a fraud. But with no one telling you your heart and mind should sense it. So you can’t really double back and say I don’t believe in that…….Please Pay me….

So there are only two things that will save me. God. And you.

During these times of rapid change, we still value your support. It’s all that we have.



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