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Vaporize Select two production strains.

Vaporize Select two production strains.
February 18, 2020 Vaporize

I spent a lot of last year practicing growing herb. I know ya’ll don’t think its that hard. But it is worth spending some time experimenting and learning. Yeah sure I admit I wasn’t that good at it in the past.

Just yesterday I decided to restructure how I grow everything just based on observation and learning.

But I have now selected two strains I will focus production on. These are other peoples strains. But I feel good about that. Im essentially promoting their product. You have to do that and mix it up. Sell other people stuff, promote their brand. And then do some of your own stuff.

I have done extensive testing on our productions strains. One is a sativa one is an Indica Kush.

Our production strains will be used to create a number of products that we have discussed already such as teas and some flower products we are thinking about launching.

Which brings me to my next point. In the coming weeks I will be announcing our first strain. I won’t be doing heaps of breeding. But There is a combo I just wanted to cross. And the first breed went swimmingly well. Anything I breed is going to be super selective and purposeful. There is a lot of Junk out there. Bad genetics poor combinations. But when we announce our first strain I think you will like what we have crossed.

More soon from Vaporize.


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