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Vaporize Introduce Consumer Health Messaging to All Shipments.

Vaporize Introduce Consumer Health Messaging to All Shipments.
July 9, 2019 Vaporize

Some time ago we planned to introduce consumer health messaging to dab products.

Dabbing is a very specific method of inhaling herbal extracts. Although it serves its purpose it is generally less popular than dry herb vaping and more likely to be used for very particular health conditions. We still have a long way to go to get the dabbing related messaging and product line up right. We expect to see many technological advancements in that area just as we have seen great design and build progress with dry herb vapes.

So now we have introduced health messaging to all shipments. We have no intention of following any particular government guidance on this messaging. These governments after all have decades of prosecution to handle for the crimes against humanity they have participated in. What we wanted to convey in our message was both frankness and compassion. As in “If you Abuse this you will damage yourself”….but also “Many people engage in this behaviour for a reason. Make sure you deeply understand that reason and use the behaviour sparingly and wisely.” This is the messaging that 5 years+ in this area of life has lead us to believe is best suited to the products we ship.

Vaporizer Health Messaging

The messaging print will be included in all shipments and we hope that on top of the health impact reduction of product itself that we have sold, the messaging will cause customers to deeply reflect and understand the product they have bought and how they should think about it and use it.




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