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Vaporize Founder to Launch Financial Service

Vaporize Founder to Launch Financial Service
May 31, 2019 Vaporize
We spend most of our time building digital tools. We have been building e-commerce stores for years now. But as far as the concepts we decide to take on for producing our focus is beginning to broaden. You can only build so many online shops.

One of the sticking points for us is with financial services. So instead complaining about how terrible financial services in Australia are, why not build our own?

Like everyone during the crypto boom I contemplated launching crypto products. I didn’t really have any great ideas that warranted launching a product.
But between considering what we need and what would benefit our customers we have begun to conceive services that would stand alone as a viable product.
Therefore our first financial service will serve to add another payment channel to our retail stores and also add value for our customers in each transaction with our stores.
Basic financial services and stability of financial services are important for the wellbeing and safety of all people.
From what we have experienced with financial services is that there are criminal elements operating within the financial services system.
The financial services that we are producing will to begin to address these problems but also provide certain universal service levels to individuals regardless of race, or cultural background. We see the provision of these types of services both a human right and a critical function for the future of Australian people.
More details about the project will be released upon its launch.
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