Vaporize Australia - Herbs Well Toasted - email: Fast Track production of Pharma.TV and embark on new Australian Productions. Fast Track production of Pharma.TV and embark on new Australian Productions.
April 5, 2016 Vaporize

Today Vaporize are beginning the production of our second Global digital project Pharma.TV focused on the Pharmaceutical industry as a whole.

This week we will also kick of a range of new productions in Australia examples of which include and

In a statement about the productions’s founding producer said:

Last year we announced we would be launching Pharma.TV in 2016. So far we’ve learned a lot from out production of Vape.TV. It feels like we’re in an energised time.
It seems that people are engaged in the health industry. It seems that people want to see change but they also want to be involved in the change. The era where people simply
swallow the pills that are prescribed to them is over.

Pharma.TV will be a platform that facilitates this connection between the community and the Pharmaceutical industry and as we said in our initial announcement bring unity between the Cannabis Industry and Pharmaceutical industries.

Last year we set out to create three new Australian Productions which are now operational. is going to be our place to focus on growers rights advocacy in Australia. There already appears to an established hydroponics industry in Australia. We want to bring our digital savvy into this area and make sure there is a vocal outlet informing Australian citizens about the health and human rights aspects around growing Cannabis in the home.

One thing we have learned since running is that smokers appreciate it when they feel like they are getting genuine advice and good service. Smokers need to be treated with unconditional positive regard. There is benefit in telling smokers about the health dangers. There is benefit in telling smokers not to smoke. There is benefit in Governments ensuring citizens are not exposed to second hand smoke. There are times when the industry needs to be regulated. But there is never a time when smokers should be treated with indignation or negativity in relation to their smoking. People need to be given the right information and the right products at the right time. They also need to know where there are positives and health benefits.

Smokershealth will fill this gap providing the products, information and direction that smokers need. There may also be times when smokers need to be referred to health services. This will be a longer term objective but it is evident that there is a risk in Australia of people being treated negatively by an industry that is almost attempting to achieve smoking cessation in the population through negativity, authority and wielding a big naughty stick. We will find synergies between our other vaporizer projects to ensure our customers have access to the best health information and resources for smokers.

There’s much more that will grow out of We’re still toasting our herbs. We’re still hailing the King.


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