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Vaporize Australia Update Terms and Conditions

Vaporize Australia Update Terms and Conditions
December 7, 2017 Vaporize

Dear Vaporize Australia Customers,

Recently we announced the launch of our own court systems, due to the high levels of fraud, violence, corruption and mind manipulation present in the commonwealth system.

Our courts are best described as etheric courts, and will operate as transparent, open courts that will keep records both on corporate and decentralised peer to peer etheric networks.

Our terms and conditions now state that by buying products from Vaporize Australia, you agree that if at any point a customer should chose to make any type of claims against Vaporize Australia or its directors you will do so through our own etheric court systems.

The first and primary focus of our courts will be to ensure Australias institutions are guided by the light of truth and citizens are not subjected to justice administered by way of deception. However, going forward, our courts will also handle commercial issues,

Vaporize Australia’s Sovereign founder will be announcing infrastructure updates to the court of light soon.

Vaporize Australia


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