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Vaporize Australia to Discontinue sales of Volcano Vaporizers

Vaporize Australia to Discontinue sales of Volcano Vaporizers
September 18, 2019 Vaporize
Volcano Pyramid

We have sold Volcano Vaporizers for years.

The first thing we want to say is, if we sold you one of these products we have sold you the right thing.

High end dry herb vapes are a great way to curb the health impact of smoking. There are so many people who just can’t Stop smoking. Having a tool kit at your disposal to go through the quitting process is critical.

There are two main reasons why we are dropping them.

1 – When Companies get big and go mainstream a lot of forces come into play. These forces often make the commercials less favourable for us. We have had communications with these companies in the past in an attempt to make commercials more favourable. Nothing transpired. At these times we find it more fruitful to change tack and maybe try something new. Yes, this something new will be in vaporizers. When we say mainstream, Volcano Vaporizers are now part of listed public companies. That is not a direction we intend to take. Ever. We have just published a post about Warranty fraud. Maybe it is the culture in these markets that leads to this kind of conduct. Like all people in life we have competitors. We never try to succeed by cheating them. We try to succeed by out creating them. Admittedly at this point this does not appear to be the path to success in our culture, however we will continue and hope.

2 – There is deep occultism and symbolism behind the Volcano range of products. What I have to say about the symbolism and occultism behind the Volcano range is – “I really just don’t get it.” I mean don’t get me wrong……I do get it. But deep down in my heart I do believe there is a valid place for these products. Which leaves me saying of the occultism behind the Volcano….”I don’t get it.” But I guess given that we have passed the judgement against the masonic orders, our views may be different than the establishment. All you need to do to get the real understanding of truth is look at the meaning of the word of the substance we are consuming. This happens a lot in commercial arenas and in Cannabis, there is misplaced occultism which we will explore in more depth when we soon publish our first Divine Decode on vaping Via Vape.TV

If you have purchased a Volcano Vaporizer from us your manufacturer warranty is still valid and Vaporize Australia are here to support you through that process.

Please note that this is not a sudden decision for us. Our suppliers have been informed months in advance that the commercials behind the range were no longer favourable. The terms and conditions that our customers have agreed to pertaining to our management of this transition have been in place for years.

I have fond memories of running around the streets of Sydney delivering Volcano products to passionate Australian herbalists.

We have dropped other brands in the past and in hindsight it has been the right decision. Let’s hope we find more vape products that we are better ideologically aligned with in the future.

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Volcano's are Unreal

Volcano’s are Unreal


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