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Vaporize Australia Reduce Dummy Fee

Vaporize Australia Reduce Dummy Fee
September 22, 2017 Vaporize

Dear Dummies,

For some time we have been enforcing a Dummy fee. This is a fee for Dummies that return products that actually work and is designed to encourage people to spend more time focusing and testing their products before concluding that it is no good or faulty.

We have only levied this fee a small number of times, when users return their product and are rude and inaccurate about the issue with their product. This is a general problem with consumers and money as a whole. People think that just because they have some bills in their hand they can conduct themselves like morons.

In the spirit of Anti Hypocrisy in our resistance to government violence and excessive fee and fine levying we are reducing our dummy fee to $20 which includes return shipping. Please note that this is also payable in BTC and Ethereum.

Finally, customers are always welcome to send in vidoes of the issues they are experiencing and will incur no fees. We have solved many issues this way and are committed to supporting customers with the products we sell.

Vaporize Australia


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