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Updated TOS – Inappropriate Occult Activity. 

Updated TOS – Inappropriate Occult Activity. 
September 3, 2019 Vaporize
At we know a lot about occult stuff.
In fact I passed the judgement on last generations occultists.
So if occult activity is transpiring during your order, we may well detect it.
We have just updated our TOS to include reference to inappropriate occult activity against our operations.
If we detect this type of activity we reserve the right to
  • Not ship your order
  • Not refund your payment
  • When occult activity takes place against our work, we incur costs and our TOS are designed to ensure we don’t loose time and resource to people who don’t have our or our peoples best interest at heart.
    For all of our considerate sincere customers, please note that this is a rarity and to date we have had to take these extreme measures limited times.
    Finally, our Chat support is not for Commercial Intrigue. It is for sales and genuine customer support. If we smell CIA. Which I have a keen nose for. You will be told to go away in an exceptionally uncivil and unholy fashion. It is my right to be both until I witness the dissolution of All masonic infrastructure built by the last generation in Australia and the prosecution of All commercial institutions responsible for Cannabis Prohibition.
    Please engage with our enterprise with the right intention and our experience will be positive.


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