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Sovereign Stuart Andrew soft launches Pharma.TV

Sovereign Stuart Andrew soft launches Pharma.TV
December 4, 2017 Vaporize

Today Stuart Andrew announced the launch of Pharma.TV.

In a Statement he said:

This is my first foray in to the Pharmaceutical industry. From what I can see from this history of the Medical industry there is great imbalance. The most basic thing that all humans need to learn about health and healing is that it is all about balance. But in Australia there is been imbalance brought about and maintained by both acts of deception and acts of violence. The force used to benefit the petrochemical and synthetic pharmaceutical business over natural remedies is completely unnecessary and abhorrent. It is physically impossible to have a legitimate Chemotherapy industry, without complete absence of restriction on natural options. It will be our objective to both bring about this eventuality and hold those responsible for the violence against natural remedies accountable.

Pharma.TV is still in its early stages and early efforts in our production will be focused on journalism and commentary around regulation changes in the industry.

Stuart Andrew


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