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Sovereign Stuart Andrew set to collect voluntary taxation from Australian citizens.

Sovereign Stuart Andrew set to collect voluntary taxation from Australian citizens.
December 18, 2017 Vaporize

Today sovereign Stuart Andrew announced a plan to collect voluntary taxation payments from Australian citizens and citizens in other nations.

Recently we have advised citizens to review there taxation affairs given our findings that the Commonwealth of Australia, the ATO and other associated bodies are genocidal institutions with the blood of multiple genocides to account for.

The purpose of tax is so that citizens can equally and fairly make a contribution to a community to make sure that equality prevails and society and infrastructure are maintained at a decent standard.

However in our nation the government are flagrant in letting the community know that they will not only waste tax dollars, they will be arrogant and unaccountable in how they do so.

No one likes paying tax, and it is evident that taxation itself is one of the weapons that is being used in the war against Australian citizens and humanity. However we have derived a fair and voluntary way to collect tax that will help to support our courts and other works intended for the benefit of the community.

For that reason, I have taken it upon myself to not only oversee the ways in which governing bodies in Australia use tax dollars and apply tax, but will also Give citizens the option to pay taxes to me as a Sovereign.

I will be announcing the vehicle by which this will be done soon, and feel that the manner in which I collect taxes from citizens will be attractive to the point that citizens will actually volunteer to contribute without the need for force or deception.


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