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Reflecting on Vape.TV

Reflecting on Vape.TV
March 15, 2020 Vaporize

It’s easily been 5 years now since I began the production of Vape.TV.

That kind of time frame is actually really long for a success test in Digital. It was a nice project. I love that kind of thing. “I’m going to tackle the fish market in Tajikistan – Im going to own that bitch.”

When we build things like, we don’t ask banks for money. We just build it.

We did have dealings with a few good companies in America in Vapes. Mostly the operations of American companies is efficient. Sometimes the absence of language barrier makes it preferential than doing business in Asia. But the depth of the support we received was not sufficient enough. I wanted to bury my head in to this industry. But with the level of support we got, I need to stop waking up and thinking about selling vapes in the US market.

Men should have these life experiences. Where you can establish yourself in something. We all need that over time.

There was a BBC story today about success in business being luck. The English would tell you that.
They have run businesses in their lands of pure tyranny. Of which they are yet to pay the costs for. But my experience in business is literally feeling men run around me trying to stop me. Trying to break us. That is nothing to do with luck. These forces really exist on earth. Over the last month alone 80% of our sales have had an associated claim against them for warranty / loss etc. That has nothing to do with luck. Anyway, that feeling of having a great coordinated force just working to shut you down is saddening. No it’s heart breaking. Especially when the core intent of your business is good. So that is how the successful businesses you see on earth have succeeded. That force that asks you to comply, that asks you to indulge that asks you to ignore. You give yourself over to it. It is quite easy. But when you don’t give yourself over. When you make it a life habit to spit in the face of tyranny. Well it tries to destroy you or anything you create.

So for us closing Vape.TV is about 2 things. Focusing less on Vapes. And Focusing less on America. The truth is I never had any particularly great desire to be part of America. I went there once and saw little more than concrete walls. What does it feel like doing business in America? It feels like dealing with a slippery jew swine showing you his wrist watch. Well short of our capabilities and desires.

Vape.TV will be closing before the end of 2020 and energies that we invested in that project will now go to other projects that we have developed.


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