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Our Media Focus This Month

Our Media Focus This Month
May 6, 2020 Vaporize

So I have kind of recovered from our outages. Perfect storm. Multiple system failures. Chaos.

Do you know I do all our Systems Admin myself? You know I used to pay companies to do that work for me.
But what happens is that people that are good at that get lots of work. And the service ultimately declines. So it ultimately
becomes only viable to do these things yourself. Proof that Ive gotten snazzy at the craft. I checked one of our systems during the chaos and read 253 days uptime. Thats reasonable work.

I announced a new format on one of our publications which I will be publishing this month. Just a small thing.
Im doing some emergency medical inspections which we will finish publishing soon.
Most of this month Im going to be putting out detailed stuff on stalking and harassment because I think its such
an interesting topic. Its an important one. What are the systems they are building to curtail us. How do you spot them. How do you respond? That will be coming this month. Its interesting to shift from examining historical frauds like how the banksters operate to examining future frauds. Future corruptions that they are obviously currently working on fabricating.


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