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Launching – Sell Cannabis Online

Launching – Sell Cannabis Online
September 28, 2019 Vaporize

With the return of universal growing rights to every home in Australia, Big Farmer is a platform designed to allow
Australian families to sell their excess herb online via their own branded online store.

I personally really enjoy cultivating cannabis. For me I cultivate for myself and my own family. If there were no other commercial purpose in my life to cultivate cannabis, I would still cultivate for my own medical needs. Cannabis is very much a symbiotic plant for humans. Any sensible father or mother that has a family would make the habit of growing cannabis for their families health. So integrating cannabis plant care into your daily routine is a great way to pep up your wellbeing. It is almost like keeping a dog.

With big farmer you can get creative with your grow. You can do brownies, cookies, cure flowers, make all manner of cannabis based products.

Big farmer accepts Cannabis and hemp product sales from home growers that need another outlet for their herb sales.

At launch we also offer a small banking service that lets growers keep up to $500 in their big farmer account. These funds can be transferred to other users and we charge tiny transaction fees for that service.

As you can see Big Farmer is two services in one. A platform to trade you herbs and basic banking and transactional services for Cannabis growers. It is time that every day people who choose to grow cannabis have services that respect their way of life and what they choose to grow and consume.

In the years past as we bought herb from the streets of towns like Nimbin, we could see that sellers looked down trodden and faced risks of police violence. Big Farmer is a safe and secure outlet for these sellers to add another channel to their sales.

Stay tuned to the big farmer blog for tips on listing and preparing your products for sale. We do plan to work with vendors over time on testing and product quality, but also acknowledge the relative simplicity of growing and preparing Cannabis. Ultimately Big farmer will create a ‘Peoples’ Market tier. We will hold a segment of the market for the people who have advocated and fought for cannabis rights. Instead of allowing the market to just go to the same greedy corporations who probably profited from prohibition.

To sell on Big Farmer just visit our registration page. You can register with a nick name and ID is not required. Registration can take up to 24 hour and we provide support for store setup.


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