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Lack of Public Support leaves Vaporize founder in Dangerous Cycle of Self Stimulus.

Lack of Public Support leaves Vaporize founder in Dangerous Cycle of Self Stimulus.
March 28, 2020 Vaporize

Some will say that the lack of support we receive is because I have demonstrated Anti-Semetic views.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth. I actually hold liberal and strongly pro-semetic views.

The worst thing we could do as men is keep the many millions of semites locked up. Confined.

I think to keep things functioning normally you’ve got to let the semites out from time to time.

So that’s it. I get frustrated using language like ‘Our people’ – ‘Our Nations’.

It becomes abundantly clear over time that these things are probably historical delusions. I told a scottish person in the recent past to fuck right off. Because what I see from their contribution to the world stage is average. Just as fuckin miserable as the English. The bible literally tells us that if you are not willing to say goodbye to your own family, then you are not ready for God. I feel the same way about historical conceptions of our people. Nostalgic views of Scotland are nice. But I doubt those running it share the same ones and I doubt that indulging in them is the path to our salvation.

The Government hasn’t stimulated my package. Neither have you. So for the time being I’m confined to Self Stimulus.

The truth about all the stimulus packages is just going to be another huge Jew Pig Rape Fest. The solution at this point is not to try working with these people. It is to remove them from our nations completely and ensure that our families never in their lives have to experience what they do to us. There is no other option for our futures.


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