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It’s been a really good winter.

It’s been a really good winter.
August 1, 2020 Vaporize

Well today is miserable.

But on the whole it has been a great winter. If I posted photos of some of our winter days in Australia, I think a lot of Europeans would want to punch me.

So we have had heaps of nice days and it has been quite mild. I usually shut down over winter and feel no regret for doing so. But this winter I kept things going fairly consistently.

But more over, I have had heaps of clarification on the direction of future projects.

In fact In the last 3 weeks I set about planning 3 new projects which all rock my world in terms of future potential. They fill me with hope an inspiration of what we can still accomplish.

And finally I feel like the decoding work I have been doing is also resulting in a lot of spiritual clarification in terms of what our elders intended us to do with that material.

So we are in the last month of winter and as usual, can’t wait for the Australian summer to come through.


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