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Hows Things Growing?

Hows Things Growing?
February 10, 2020 Vaporize

So is a thing now. It has taken my attention for the last few weeks.

The funnest thing has been trying to start something new without going to a bank.

I literally scoured our old house to find things that I could use. What did I find?
Plant pots
A small green house / plant rack.
Plant food.
Racking materials (Ive just built a huge rack for breeding.)
So thats been fun. Building something out of nothing.

I will be announcing shipping in the next week or two for that project. So that you understand our broader goals. I recently published a piece speaking out against brands like mcdonalds. I see a lot of stuff spruiking mcdonalds in the media now. Talk about putting lipstick on a pig. But I don’t like to just be a voice or an opinion. I like to make a measurable difference. So if I said that maybe one of our goals in working with aloe is to push that industry in Australia also maybe we could say one of our goals would be to have every Australian drink at least one water based aloe drink with 20% pure aloe juice once a week. Given that some Australian’s are so hard up they struggle for nutrition through plants like aloe we can get great doses of nutrition into people for low costs. A weekly supplement.  So they are the kind of goals we can talk about hitting by participating with that particular plant. Anyways by the end of this year we will be growing thousands, so just the last few weeks of tinkering Ive concluded yup – this will be a fun small viable project.

People have been asking if we can help with herb yet. I am still personally mortified at the low availability of Cannabis in Australia. We can not help yet. We are still working on big farmer and I have a new product on that available soon. But sorry I don’t have heaps of herb available yet but will have some available throughout the year. We are best for helping with advice on Vapes now.

I have started cultivating Citrus Trees also so in a years time I may be selling those. Which I am starting to contemplate making projects like Big farmer less of a Cannabis Platform and more of a cultivation / trading platform.

So thats how things Growing.





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