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End Times Commerce

End Times Commerce
April 6, 2020 Vaporize

Its funny in other places i’ve been writing about the book or revelation. Thats an End times book. And if you haven’t seen hints of an apocalypse in the news then maybe you haven’t been looking. That sometimes seems to me like the best thing to do with our news.

In The book of Revelation they talk about merchants. You would think at end times being a merchant you are in the wrong place. But I don’t feel like that. In another post I said Im not Staney Kubrick. Sometimes when you find people to look up to or admire you are admiring the totality of what they have become. One reason people love Stanley is people don’t have the words. They don’t know the reasons but its really because he found strength in something. Wisdom, knowledge, film making, camera techniques …it goes on but its a unique blend that comes from skill and attitude….approach. People love the whole thing but its a complex thing that has learned many skills in his years.

Anyways with me yeah I have envisioned great commercial success it doesn’t matter that it hasn’t come yet. But I still don’t feel any guilt being in commerce. Its like we try to build something that connects us to humanity and keeps us valuable. But end times commerce feels fine to me. Its just one of those skills I always had even as a small boy business ideas would come to me. So I go with it. Kubrick in his films did indulge in things like Artistry in a really nice way that blends the creativity of an artist with intellect. It’s harder to do that when you are working with SKUs. But I do believe you can turn rational commercial things into things of use and beauty. I don’t believe in swaying from what I found I am as a creator.

End times is all about spirit. You find in many times any many ways the universe is not what you expected. Hermes Can be a Clepto. But its not about being something different. Its about taking everything you have and building a total. I don’t see doing what I do now as being a Sin. For me money is just about momentum. I still need it for now. Im not going to build what i’m building with out it. When I was wealthiest in my life I remember going out on a date once and the girl asking ‘Why are we walking?’ – I had heaps of money…..we could have caught a cab…id find myself asking the girl….’Why are you wondering?’ Girls have a funny thing about money and cars but cars are as bigger of all the deceptions you will find on earth. I like girls that like getting places in adventurous ways.

There is this scene in a Giliam movie Zero Therum where they are dealing with the suffering caused by cube consciousness and the kind of consciousness you deal with in a job where you are moving spread sheets. There is lots of consciousness like that in the work i’m doing and I believe it is against gods word to just pedal that cube consciousness in exchange for money then living. You cant just make that trade. That is well short of gods expectation of men during the length of their life. But if you can manage and make tools with cube consciousness to show gods word, good for you.

So don’t worry about end times commerce. For me its just part of what i’m trying to build and will be for a long time after end times. After End times???  The truth is that all of the tools I use on a daily basis have Saturn written all over them. But once again if you are a clever christian you can stand right on top of Saturn and use its tools to show people a little bit more of what God looks like.


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