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Dev Update

Dev Update
July 24, 2020 Vaporize

You won’t be hearing from me as much over the next few weeks because I have locked myself into doing development work for a while.

I kind of said that I want to kick off a new project. I already have that selected. But I don’t want to launch anything until I have invested more energy into things I have already started.

One of the things I have done already since focusing on Dev is we have released an updated

What that project is is basically all of my energy that used to go into the mainstream platforms now going into my own place. Well worth it. Just a heads up if you are attached to facebook or instagram. You don’t own anything you do there. At some point you will get jew pig cock suckers censoring and fucking with your profiles. So its well worth doing. Some words for inspiration. I started that project when I was completely broke. There is nothing worse than thinking about doing new things when you are broke. But After weeks of searching I found a .com I liked for $10. Which is hard going, trust me. And then I just threw a lot of old work up there. And then I started publishing to it for about a year. And Now Have cleaned it up. I am going to monetize through a print API. I don’t really want to sell the world a bunch of mugs. I just like some route to monetisation to make projects long term viable. The main reason im doing that is to force me to focus on outputting images that are print worthy.

Anyways, what I really wanted to get across to you is if you build your own thing you have an asset. So say you scale to 30 visits a day, which sounds like fuck all. You really have 11000 people a year. What if you do that across 5 sites. You are talking 50000+ a year. Well if you get to speaking to 50000 people a year, there is a much greater hope of you changing the world than sitting on facebook thinking that corporate America is going to easily hand you influence.

So that has been a fun project that is reaching greater maturity as I put a little more time into it. Will probably be ready to start something new as winter winds up.


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