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Closing Vape.TV

Closing Vape.TV
March 10, 2020 Vaporize

Every Business that works in Digital goes through a process of deciding what worked and what didn’t.

It seems surprising to me writing a closing note for something I was just as excited about and just as committed to a week ago.

It was years ago now I decided to take on the Vape Market and try to expand in the USA.

We did business with the USA for years. Vape.TV was an asset and yeah it did generate a nice stream of visitors and it did start making sales.

However tying it all together into a coherent profitable project never really happened. As our revenues in Australia decline I am starting to ask myself “How Can We Do Less in Vapes.” It makes sense building infrastructure when you are growing in an area.  Not so much when you are not growing.

Vape.TV will be closing in the coming months. Some of its functionality will be moving to our Australian sites.

Our mission of conquering Vapes around the world is coming to an end so I will focus my energy on something else.


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