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Chemo Closure – Pharma.TV Looks at Australia Shady Chemo Past

Chemo Closure – Pharma.TV Looks at Australia Shady Chemo Past
May 4, 2020 Vaporize

Do you know that a few years ago when I started researching AIDS I felt guilty that we could ultimately impact an industry that feeds a lot of people? At the time that guilt was largely about my absence of medical training. I havent gained any hands on medical experience since then but what I have learned is that we can get to the truth on many issues without any practical medical hands on work. Thats the truth about me and medical topics. I have an opinion but If you wind up sick in a room with me and a bunch of needles, you are pretty well fucked.

But realistically all of this low hanging medical fruit that are topics that truthfully many doctors have already separated themselves from. One of the ways the doctors failed on AIDS was not putting the nail in the coffin through the media. Anyways one of the ways I make myself feel better now is I just think about all the doctors with standard roles. The Knee Surgery Guys. I bet every time we keep bullshit off their meeting schedule they love us.

So A while ago I published something on VAMP which is really just a treatment I came across in my study. Even though I have recently said our work has not got traction yet, yes I believe we are making progress.
Obviously all of this progress cant be attributed to me but I do believe we are seeing better light out there when it comes to cancer treatment.

So in Australia there have been a number of public stories where they are saying for example
– Breast cancer patient won’t always need chemo
– Governments are acknowledging over-diagnosis with scans and screening.

So through our work we are seeing a more honest light come from the medical profession. A more honest light come through about Chemo and Cancer. Some of our work that for example points out the dark rituals around chemo would wake people up. So we have just published what we have called a soft punishment for the history of VAMP chemo on Pharma.TV. This for us is the beginning of I guess what you would call the spiritual processing of historical medical crimes. So these topics are probably for many in the medical profession old news. If you look this treatment up in the TGA it was closed of some time ago. But where are the public histories? We will produce a range of soft punishment measures where appropriate so doctors etc can know what will be expected of them to deal with bad treatments through their career path. In this case we are just asking doctors to produce public records of the VAMP treatments and deaths so that we can know what their views of the efficacy of the treatment are.

Bringing these convos further out into the public should also help the medical profession understand that their clients are well versed on the ins and outs of many medical treatments and need to be deeply informed before embarking on any course of treatment.


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