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Big Farmer is about Cultivation Culture – And that is not Stoner Culture

Big Farmer is about Cultivation Culture – And that is not Stoner Culture
October 4, 2019 Vaporize

Im going to be talking about Big Farmer for a while in the weeks to come because it is the next mountain for us.

So big farmer is really about promoting a positive cultivation culture. Many people who share the same beliefs as us about cannabis cultivation have been assaulted, robbed or treated violently in Australia. In our business of Selling vaporizers, we ultimately had positive impacts on Cannabis as a whole, because people see viable business operating in and area that is considered risky. But with big farmer we can be a lot more focused on Growing culture and supporting that culture. In short, we hope to see the people growing cannabis in their home lead normal, happy prosperous lives. Ive told my story about being violently assaulted by Australian Police and I have heard other stories of people experiencing the same. These things shouldn’t happen to people who grow herbs in their home.

There have probably been a few times in Australia we have indulged in stoner culture. But if you look at the bulk of our work, we discuss truths about Cannabis and have really done a lot more work than many people exploring the deep realities of what the plant does. Growing is a beautiful thing to add to your daily routine. It will probably make your life a little bit nicer and it could probably make your family a little bit healthier.

One of the things I really get pleasure out of at the moment is promoting little Australian online businesses. I just love it when I find a little Aussie business that has their own little wordpress website and is doing well in their own target market. It is actually rare but I love it when I find them.

So as people do adopt and use big farmer one of our key goals will be helping make suggestions for them to tweak their brand, refine their brand. It is much easier to do this type of work on our own platform. There is already an established home grow culture in Australia. It is very much concealed. We will bring it to the front and who knows, maybe we will give some young men and women in Australia their future careers and they may start on Big Farmer and then go on to operate real big farms 🙂

So we will say one more time – Stoner culture is not where we are going, cannabis is much more critical than the humour we see in stoner culture and we are ultimately trying to develop an image that actually projects how people should live with Cannabis in their Day to Day life.

As Big farmer progresses we really want to bring that growing culture together and show it for what is. It isn’t stoner culture, it is humanity working together in the garden. And even though that is what I see for big farmer, it is what is already coming to the surface as part of other projects we develop like CBD.TV. I would really like to think that maybe one day Big Farmer isn’t just focused on Cannabis, but home growing as a whole – but we’ll see how things pan out.


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