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Big Farmer Banking Services – Fulfilling a multi Year Vision.

Big Farmer Banking Services – Fulfilling a multi Year Vision.
October 4, 2019 Vaporize

Banking services are now available via Big Farmer.

As a starting service we will store up to $500 from sales generated via our platform on your big farmer account wallet. You can not deposit for the sake of banking storage on Big Farmer, however we store up to $500 from account sales if required. We will expand this limit in a year once we have experience operating this type of service.

Why would you want to do that? Well growers face risks in Australia, having another source to keep a small backup could come in handy one day. We provide banking as a service for our community and is not really a core profit goal for the project.

Some years ago I announced that we would be launching a Banking service. It seemed like the tech was already there and in abundance. It did take us a a while to put it together but I think we have done a great job of putting it together in a way that serves our goals and industry. There is a TON of consolidation happening in Crypto. It is probably best that we didn’t just launch a crypto product for the sake of it.

With our payments platform launching this week, and Deposit services available on Big Farmer that now fulfils that vision we had some years ago.


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