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February 18, 2020 Vaporize is now shipping. It took me a little longer to get that launched than expected. But now its done it won’t take a heap of my time.

Our goal here is to really give consumers an outlet for bulk budget aloe plants to start their garden. Maybe even to launch their own products. I find that Australia Post Pricing scales nicely on Size and dimensions. So Ive done some order pricing tests and I don’t think that people looking to start a big garden are going to find our pricing unreasonable.

So you won’t be hearing heaps more about Aloe Plants here. We will run a blog there. But we will be including Aloe Plants in our emails.

Im happy that when we ask people to support us we are broader now. Its not just vaping.

Now that this is live and ready to take orders my focus will be back toward CBD, Vape.Asia and some of our other launches.

Vaporize Australia

I also wanted to give a shout out to Mum 🙂 who when discovering I was going to build this went and bought me a bunch of new plant types. So we are working on the first breeds of them now and will be available later in the year. Thanks Mum.


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