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Aloe Plants – Close To Shipping.

Aloe Plants – Close To Shipping.
January 7, 2020 Vaporize

I feel a bit strange going to such lengths to explain a website that sells Aloe Plants.

Im pretty sure you get it. You can go to the website. And then you can buy aloe plants.

But what we are trying to produce is a service that lets Australians buy a consistent product that will be the same experience today as it will be in a decade.

I want to scale to the point where people might come and buy 100 plants to prepare for an annual crop.

I want a family to be able to buy Pups to have the experience of growing from start to finish.
I want them to be able to buy babies so they have a shorter wait until use time. And I want them to be able to
Buy fully grown plants able for use right away. And I want the shipping experience and the plant quality to be the same every time. I want our prices to scale so that using our service actually seems really compelling and a time and money saver for people.

Would you believe that in developing I have had to develop a new product to be able to accomplish the potted shipping of the plants? Sometimes A new venture even one that seems super quaint can present you with challenges that actually bear fruit in the long run.

So we are not quite ready yet but we have our first plants ready for stock and I have nearly produced 100 shippable plants already that will be in stock in the coming weeks and months. Im really enjoying spending a part of my day working in the garden instead of just on the computer.

More details about Aloe Plants will be included in our next email campaign.


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