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A Small Launch –

A Small Launch –
November 25, 2019 Vaporize

When we launched BigFarmer I had my first experience of connecting the plant world to the digital world.

I enjoyed that – now I am looking at more cultivation based digital startups to experiment with. I love experimenting with different business models and concepts. I also love Aloe. We have grown aloe at home for years.

So there is not much on Aloe Plants Australia Now. We are working on our first crop for 2020.

One special thing we will be doing at is giving all of our plants a unique christian name.

When I first moved in to a small dingy apartment in Sydney a few years ago I bought a few Aloe Plants online. They provided me a lot of happiness just those few aloe plants. They all grew pups and funnily enough I think I kept the plants when I moved out. They are probably the same plants Im starting to crop now. That is the beauty of plant cultivation, once you have the skill you literally propagate and keep the plant world going. is live now and stock will begin shipping in 2020.


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