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  • Sovereign Stuart Andrew set to collect voluntary taxation from Australian citizens.

    Today sovereign Stuart Andrew announced a plan to collect voluntary taxation payments from Australian citizens and citizens in other nations.…

    by Vaporize
  • Sovereign Stuart Andrew to establish Court of the decoded light.

    Today Vaporize Australia founder Sovereign Stuart Andrew announced his intention to establish a Court in the Light whose purpose will…

    by Vaporize
  • Vaporize Australia Founder Set to Expand Publishing FootPrint

    Today Vaporize Australia Founder announced plans to expand publishing footprint with the addition of a range of new publishing projects…

    by Vaporize
  • Magical Butter Machines Back In Stock.

    Dear Customers, Anyone that has tried to buy a Magical Butter over the past months will know we have…

    by Vaporize
  • Implement Fraud Prevention System.

    Today Announced the introduction of a fraud prevention system mainly designed to support our shipping, sales and warranty support…

    by Vaporize
  • & Double VapePoints value making it best Vaporizer Rewards program in Australia.

    Today doubled the value of our points program meaning that each time you purchase a vaporizer from you…

    by Vaporize
  • Fast Track production of Pharma.TV and embark on new Australian Productions.

    Today Vaporize are beginning the production of our second Global digital project Pharma.TV focused on the Pharmaceutical industry as a…

    by Vaporize
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