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CloudV Phantom Premium Herbal

CloudV Phantom Premium Herbal
Phantom Premium Herbal
Phantom Premium Herbal


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The CloudV Phantom Vaporizer is renowned for its simplicity and ease of use. Its sleek and durable design and one button operation makes it a wonderful vaporizer to bring with you everywhere.

The Phantom Premium features a heating chamber that has 3 optimized temperatures for your dry herb products. Easy to use technology allows you to enjoy your Cloud anytime, anywhere. With no burnt herbs, you will experience big clouds of vapor and a smooth taste.


Cloud Phantom Premium Kit Includes:
1 Premium Phantom Vaporizer with Rechargeable Battrery
1 Cleaning Brush
1 Packing Tool
1 Pair Tweezers
1 Mini USB Charger Cable
1 Owner’s Manual

Additional information

Weight .37 kg
Dimensions 20 × 9 × 6 cm

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Vaporisation Material


Probability of Toxicity Inhalation


Body Build Material


Chamber Build Material

Stainless Steel

Contains Glass Fibre Insulation



7 reviews for CloudV Phantom Premium Herbal

  1. This is my first pen vape and it has performed exceptionally well for a portable unit.
    There are several things that I really like about the CloudV –

    Firstly the three temperature settings are really useful and offer great control over the strength/harshness of the vapour and it’s easy to change the settings (hold down the button for 3 seconds).
    Secondly the unit itself is sleek, lightweight (reasonably portable in a backpack, not a pocket though) and exceptionally easy to use (one button). Its build quality feels good and I’ve even dropped it a few times with no issues.

    The draw resistance is middle-of-the range and it produces nice big clouds
    The chamber is really easy to clean and the tools it comes with (brush, tamper and tweezers) are great for packing and cleaning. I use an alcohol swab to clean the chamber and it comes up trumps.

    Charging is easy and it has decent battery life due to the auto-shutdown feature after 3 minutes. The auto-shutdown can be annoying but it’s so easy to switch back on that it’s not a huge issue.
    All-in-all it’s a cool product at a good price

  2. A+++++

    It was love at first sight for me and this vaporizer. As soon as I took it out of the box and felt that beautiful weight in my hands, along with the woodgrain finish…a thing of beauty!!

    All three temp settings produce a wonderful vapor, low temp you get beautiful flavours as with medium temp with a little more cloud action. Bump it up to the RED setting to finish off the chamber and you get some thick vapour to finish on.

    I coupled this unit with an Aqua Bubbler and have to say it is a MUST have for any smoking connoisseur. HIGHLY recommended.

  3. This pen produces a decent amount of vape on the highest heat setting. It’s nice and solid.
    Downsides are the unremovable/unreplaceable battery and the mouth piece need a steel mesh instead of the screen with 9 holes. I get little bits of herb fly in my mouth here and there. Overall good buy.

  4. I have not ever tried a vaporizer before.

    First impression was WOW this is amazing, the vaporizer roasts the herb just perfectly and the outcome is a nice smooth vape.

    Would recommend this vaporizer to anyone.


  5. This is my first pen vape and it does the job, easy to use and to clean. 3 different temperatures, good cleaning and temping tools

  6. This product works well but I was looking forward to the “nice big clouds” of vapour but there is very little, even on the high setting. I have sent messages to but received NO response at all and the phone number never answers. I am wondering if others are having such great success if I am doing something wrong. I have had a similar product before with lots of visible vapor.

    • I did eventually receive an email to my question. Thanks guys. But what I have discovered is that I wasn’t letting it heat up long enough until the light stops flashing. I just needed a little time to get used to it and now I am very happy. Still not a heap of vapour but certainly very smooth and easy cleaning.

  7. Great Device was my first Vaporizer and not disappointed. Battery life is not bad either, fully reccomend

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