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Do you need to speak to a doctor before consuming CBD?

Do you need to speak to a doctor before consuming CBD?
April 10, 2019 Vaporize

The biggest contribution the medical profession have made to the cannabis industry to date are the crimes against humanity they have been complicit in in allowing prohibition to exist in nations like Australia and England.

There have yet to be formal trials and formal records created of the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity but there will be.

I believe that at some point formal records of proceedings in government regulatory bodies will come to the fore and we will be able to see both what individuals and what corporates are responsible for these crimes.

That is The medical professions history on Cannabis. Not so good. Most people do not need to meet with discuss or even deal with doctors or the medical profession before consuming CBD. It is a mild energising compound that you can experiment with consuming. We don’t necessarily advise people to consume this for leisure, but would advise consuming it over tobacco and will help most people on their path to quitting smoking.

As far of the business of CBD, we envision a broad inclusive industry. We encourage everyday people to experiment with growing and processing cannabis. Im sure in time there will be a boutique industry emerge and the all humans can have the joy of growing cannabis as part of their day to day life especially if you find consuming cannabis beneficial for your health.

Don’t pay any mind to red tape, the people responsible for creating this have already committed their crimes. Lets ensure we prioritise having those crimes heard. As for the regulatory bodies they too have a mountain of crimes to deal with including the plethora of medications that they actually sponsor and are still available at pharmacies that are increasingly beginning to look like being associated with complete fraud and criminality. These bodies do not only have to deal with their historic crimes but also their ongoing ones.

In short, you don’t need medical advice if you are a healthy consumer that wants to experiment with CBD. If you have any particular medical conditions that you think may be effected with these compounds you may want to see a doctor, in particular one with a history of supporting natural medicine.


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