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COVAG-18 Outbreak – How are managing Australia’s Tango with a touch of the Tassie Devil.

COVAG-18 Outbreak – How are managing Australia’s Tango with a touch of the Tassie Devil.
April 27, 2020 Vaporize

Everything is running pretty much normal here guys.

As far as us communicating with the outside world Im dropping everything for a few weeks. Then Ill pick it back up
after the news and what not has finished digesting all that is happening out there. That seems to have been the best way to go so far.

Shipping is fairly normal and any orders should get a tracking number in a day or 2.

We’ve got our monthly price cuts coming Tomorrow. Check us out if you need cheap vape stuff.

So when we guys ask you for help, this COVID thing is interesting because thats an event where we did things right. I sat back for
a few days and said nothing. Then I called curse. With these masonic events you ponder if calling them out is going to cause you suffering. But its coming common place for me now and sometimes the best thing you can do is turn a crown issue into a vagina issue. Or Visa Versa. Thats the kind of creative energy the gnostics knew our adversary despise. To the point it caused jealousy.

When a big authority comes down on us with a story that we are all expected to comply with our creativity and imagination are often the best responses. I see us as protecting light. And I care about being here to do that because I don’t think as many even have the basic universal understanding required to erect those defences.

So when we ask for support we only really make money from vapes now. But that money goes to much broader places and causes. Like defending from aggressive staged events that may have some positive flow on effects but are questionably executed.

More soon.


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