Holy Holie

Holy Holie

I don’t roll with none of them other guys.
They call me he who hates the lies.
Don’t get caught up in the fear my friend.
Because I’ve returned to steer again.
Be Rockin the Phrygian.
Got my Knee up on the steer again.
Praying for peace like a Liberian.
Some Call me Stu or Stu.2
I’m rarer than an honest Jew.
And no that’s not anti Semitic.
That shits pathetic. We Masoretic.
Them pills synthetic. Will Tap you out.
We got the clout and are about.
To jump for you on that grenade.
And pop the big Pharma charade.
Gone fight them lies with all my soul.
Finna gang bang this holy hole.
Be clicking block if you some troll.
Be skipping steps won’t play no role.
Have Teamed up with some tortured soul
Who has been caught out on the strip with a baggy full of Aderolls.
And you’ll find yourself in woeful strife.
If you don’t provide the man some proof of life.




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