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An Important Story To Me

An Important Story To Me
June 25, 2020 Vaporize

I see that there has been some mockery of me living with my Parents.

I knew for years I would be here with them at this point in their life.

Anyways one of the nicer points has been some of the family stories.

My Mum, Her Sister Maria and Our Grandma really cared a lot about the family history.

Anyways this is a short story that really matters to me. It teaches you something about me.

My Great Grandpa was a Greek Italian man who lived in Alexandria Egypt.

Mum Says that he was into making his own herbal medications. Apparently a lot of people really liked them. It is said at some point forces told him that he had to stop. At all points he flatly refused.

Anyways thats it. End of story.


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