Dr Bill Is No Longer in Australia

Dr Bill is No Longer Available.

Dear Vaporize Australia Customers,
We have some news for you. Dr Bill will no longer be available for consultations in Australia. Although Dr Bill was very professional and licensed by the state Medical Board. There was unfortunately one small thing that he happened to Overlook. You may even find he had his back to it while he was working….on your legs. On top of this. He had the tendency to be lead down the wrong path. To be lead astray. Where did he go to with those two models for so long? We’re not entirely sure Dr Bill had the best problem solving skills either. It didn’t seem like his Nurse took the best posture to resolving Dr Bills issues. The writing was definitely on the wall. Any fool could see that this was a distressing situation. Action needed to be taken. Don’t Worry Australia. Although Dr Bill is on his way out, there will be new doctors to come. My Oath there will be.




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