A Counterblaste to Cannabis Prohibition

The ongoing Prohibition of Cannabis and Regulation by Government and Corporate Bodies that are directly accountable for the Crime of genocide on multiple fronts is an abomination. On top of the insidious nature of the corporate forces enforcing this sinister prohibition is the origins of those who have stolen and abused our traditions of freemasonry and are using them to prop up the same corporate, social and financial deceptions that are being undertaken.

And surely in my opinion, there cannot be a more base, and yet hurtfull, corruption in a Countrey, then is the vile act of prohibiting Cannabis in this Kingdome, which hath mooued me, shortly to discouer the abuses thereof in this following little Pamphlet.

Preventing the citizens of this land from having easy access to Cannabis products and depriving them of the right to grow Cannabis in their own homes can only be described as a crime against humanity. It is my whole intention to pursue Pharmaceutical Companies, Masonic Bodies, International Governments and Incorporations for participation in crimes against humanity and genocide.




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