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Product Tests

  • ClouldV Phantom Herbal – You’re in control now.

    The CloudV Phantom is a herbal vaporizer that fits somewhere in between the portable vaporizer and vape pen categories. Vaporization…

    by Vaporize
  • 420 Science Glass Jars

    Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy… We were super excited…

    by Vaporize
  • Herbs to grind?

    You arrive home after a hard day at work. Dishes to wash. Bills to pay. Emails to write. Herbs to…

    by Vaporize
  • Product Test: Arizer Solo

    The Arizer Solo is a small portable hand held vaporizer. As far as portable vaporizers go, The Arizer Solo is…

    by Vaporize
  • Product Test: Vaponic Vaporizer

    Oh Lordy. These things are great. The Vaponic Vaporizer is basically a little glass tube. Well, to be precise it…

    by Vaporize
  • Product Test: Volcano Classic Easy Valve

    Writing a review of the Volcano Classic Easy Valve is a daunting task. How can we, meagre vaporizer selling simpletons…

    by Vaporize
  • Product Test: Tightvac Airtight Containers

    There can’t really be too much to say about herb containers now can there? I mean, you put your herbs…

    by Vaporize
  • Product Test: Da Kube Launch box

    Recently we hit the road with the desire to road test a portable vaporizer that would be small, compact and…

    by Vaporize
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