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Why we won’t be participating in the Gay Marriage Postal Vote.

Why we won’t be participating in the Gay Marriage Postal Vote.
September 8, 2017 Vaporize

The first reason that we will not be participating in the so called plebiscite is Simple, the Commonwealth of Australia is a criminal regime and we do not participate in elections with criminal regimes.

The further reasons are more complex. In my own life and travels I have lived in Nations with high degrees of tolerance for homosexuality and transexuals in society. I generally think it is a positive thing and Australia has to come to terms with the fact that just as it has a history of violence and ignorance when it comes to the Indigenous Population and Cannabis Prohibition, it also has a history of violence when it comes to Homosexuality which should never be acceptable.

There is however clear manipulation of this subject and use of homosexuality as an act of war against the Australian community.

In those years when I lived in Thailand, I often contemplated about why there was such a high level of homosexuality in the Classrooms that I taught in. I was naive. I told myself that this is just the way that the Thai people are. I bought the Myth that Thailand was a nation that had never been colonised, which in a military sense is true. Years after when I discovered that Thailand did have a central reserve bank controlled by the same people that control many of the other banking systems around the world I realised that Thailand had in fact been colonised. These same people that run the banks practice feminisation of men as an act of manipulation.

This topic is deeper than just rights and one criticism that has to be made of the Gay rights lobby is that it rarely acknowledges or highlights the problems or the negative sides of homosexuality. Put simply, homosexuality can corrupt mens souls and can be (and is) used as a weapon against men to corrupt them and lead them away from a healthy life path. Thats why in Nations like Russia, a nation that has a long history of christianity and religiosity there are laws forbidding homosexual propaganda. The banking men that run our nation, would far prefer to see the men in this nation dancing in leather shorts on a float through Sydney than speaking with certainty and clarity about the political and financial affairs of our country. They would rather see men dancing in leather shorts than saying with clarity “Hey, the people who have run this country for the last century are very literally criminals and should be tried for crimes against humanity.”

As I lived and travelled in Thailand I saw many men who had been corrupted with alcoholism and the blurring of Sexual boundaries. The best way to understand this is to say that they had let the energy centres of their sexual organs be hijacked and had taken over their lives. Their Crown had been turned upside down so to speak, and what the gay rights lobby will once again not tell you, many men go on to do things that they may regret later in life. There are Australian men that have been part of the gay movement and become involved in things like gay sex parties often fuelled by drugs that go on to disclose how such activity was not really who they are, but they were lead there by a movement. Our view is that just as our own industry manages issues like consumer responsibility in media in a self motivated fashion, so should the Gay rights movement. I have not yet in seen the gay rights movement informing people that Homosexuality can in fact corrupt young mens souls.

I think it is with a degree of Irony that in the past, gay ‘sects’ in gnostic or masonic practice were known as Suicide sects. We as society should acknowledge that Homosexuality is not the future of our peoples, and although we should respect people who choose homosexuality as a way of life and treat them as equals in society, understand this way of life will never be for the majority. I don’t enjoy when artists in hip hop for example speak out against homosexuality in a violent way. But i do respect in Reggae music for example artists speaking out against homosexuality creatively. We should recoil from violent or hate speech against homosexuality, but allow and encourage men to creatively let the world know that homosexuality is not what they are about and is not part of their family or community. What we as society must realise is that an excessive focus on or a lack of clarity about the realities of homosexuality in our community may be concealing the true nature of who we are as a people and that true nature may be more powerful and more profound than what we can comprehend.

In contrast to our clear stance on homosexuality that I hold as an individual and we hold as a small business, there was recently a conversation about Gay marriage held by a beer company in Australia. In honesty I respected the initial conversation. Two men being respectful and polite to each other conversing about a sometimes difficult or awkward topic. Then presumably the gay rights lobby or banksters got involved and the same beer company had CEO’s apologising for the simple act of two men having a conversation. That goes to show the corporate banking influence involved in this issue, and despite that we as a community of people or businesses should not hold back in expressing our firm views on this topic.

So if you share our views, that the Gay marriage vote is another act of war on our peoples customs and our basic humanity by Criminals who have been doing this for decades in Australia, send any envelopes back to them and politely inform them that you do not participate in elections held by criminal regimes implicated in the crime of Genocide in the Lands of Australia and that you will not pay any fines associated with your free choice not to participate because you do not want to be held responsible for funding criminal regimes.


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