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What are we trying to Accomplish?

What are we trying to Accomplish?
October 22, 2019 Vaporize

Everyday when I wakeup and look out to the world I look to see life on our lands. I look to see goodness in the media.

If you see universe the right way. The Light is something that can be separated from everything else and dealt with as its own thing.

When I look out and see corruption, deception and coordinated police violence – I am not seeing the future of our nations. I am seeing a cult at work.

In my history when I worked in corporations there would be lots of little charts. And you would aim to get all of those charts pointing the right way so the story looks right.

So when I see growth in wrongness – I need to react. In many cases I have been too patient with people and institutions.

The reason I am writing this post on Vaporize is simple. The Cannabis Industry is a very basic industry. It is an industry that needs to exist. People using Cannabis in our nations is evidence of life taking place in our nations. People robbing and assaulting people who grow plants is evidence of murder taking place in our nations.

What I am seeking to accomplish is a complete turn around where we see this force that seeks to murder our people destroyed. I need to clearly see common sense, intelligence and goodness return to our societal institutions and that be what is being reported via our news Media.

So every day I will keep waking and scanning the light that comes from our nations and hope that as time goes by we see more and more goodness. I have good days. I have days where things look terrible. But I hope when we are done, things look a lot better. Because the story isn’t that great now. The nations that we claim to be ours are riddled with cults and swine and ignorance. And they as a whole are not rendering a narrative that looks like our future prosperity. I do believe if the levels of deception get so great on our lands we need to do something about it. I have seen much reaction and change from our work so far but there is still far to go.


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