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Vegeterian or Vegan and all the Occultism in Between.

Vegeterian or Vegan and all the Occultism in Between.
February 25, 2020 Vaporize

I did a video on this a while ago. Its an interesting topic because a lot of people have vegan leanings these days.

But you can’t seperate your mind from the fact that when the BBC presents you with a bunch of vegans they present you with
a bunch of trannies. Thats just weird to me.

But also if you go Vegan I would highly encourage you to study saturnian symbolism and saturnian numerology. Because what you will find is all the packets pushing plant food. Are covered in saturnian symbolism. That means something and you should know what. But also when you start buying vegan food you will find the makers are Jewish trannies. Not joking. Open your eyes and look.

So there is something in that maybe doing whole body nutrition plant only is complex, but here and why is where I think the deception lies.

I just think that men need to have a relationship with earth and its animals. And in having that relationship there is a role we play that keeps nature going. We are curators of nature and animals are a part of that. Closing our eyes to our relationship with animals out of respect would be an error. What we have to do is be more gentle and understanding in that relationship, less exploitative. Still in my eyes factory cattle slaughter is too much. Thats not a relationship.

But for those that choose veganism, be cautious yall. Im telling you to check that packaging. You are going to find lots of saturnian symbolism and lots of trannies. Maybe the best solution to balance on earth would be to start culling some of the saturn cult trannies.


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