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Vaporize Australia Publish evidence of Police forces, A Private Corporation Guilty of carrying out the Crime of Genocide in Australia using acts of deception to raise revenue. Encourages all Australians to take action to end Genocide.

Vaporize Australia Publish evidence of Police forces, A Private Corporation Guilty of carrying out the Crime of Genocide in Australia using acts of deception to raise revenue. Encourages all Australians to take action to end Genocide.
September 13, 2017 Vaporize

Today Sovereign Stuart Andrew released to the public for the purpose of education and facilitation of societal change evidence of Police forces using corrupted evidence to raise revenues.

Citizens of Australia need to be aware of the fact that the Police forces in Australia are in fact Private corporations serving international commercial entities. They are not there to serve or protect the community at all. These corporations are now implicated in the execution of one of the earths most violent Genocides. The benefactors of these corporate bodies need to be seized and tried for using acts of deception to generate profit and enslave a population of peoples. All former directors of these police forces need to be called back from retirement and tried for the crime of Genocide in Australia.

Police force Corrupted Text

Police force Corrupted Text

What can we tell from the use of corrupted text? The very use of corrupted text if you study the definition means that the men behind this tactic are concealing themselves. They are cloaking themselves with falsified grammar. It is my role here to uncloak them. Even though I will not do so by name in this post, our investigations continue. We will bring the names and addresses of the individuals responsible for the use of Glossa text to enforce fraudulent fines for the sake of the enslavement of the population and the exploitation of the indigenous population.

I am a White Man. I am a university graduate. I have travelled the world in the east and the west. I can afford to pay this fine and make the money needed to do so while I chomp on my morning breakfast. This however does not excuse me If I pay it. Because If I do so, I am committing to the ongoing Genocide of the peoples in the lands of Australia. The police forces responsible for this corruption have carried out this genocide and as I write Indigenous people fill the prisons many of whom are incarcerated for petty traffic violations.

I am becoming increasingly aware of what my future role will be in undoing the crimes that have been committed in this country and the lands of my ancestors. Although it is not time to make that role public, I am also increasingly being recognised by members in this community and the international community who understand the position that I will command. If I could give the next generation of leaders advice on how to find your position in society it is not by way of application for a position, it is not by being given a position by way of nepotism. It is not even by forming your own company alone. Feel no need to make any type of proclamation. The best way is by searching inside yourself, studying your peoples history and at the same time fighting for peace, justice and equality and standing against evil. By this way the universe itself and your knowledge of your ancestors will inform you of who you are and what role you must play.

I don’t believe in changing the world by violence. But I believe in marching whole heartedly in the direction of human decency and truth. I believe that we as humanity need to let our hearts radiate with love and compassion. And in doing that I believe we will eliminate the forces of deception and evil that are amongst us. The time has come for us to collectively Bang the Fuck out of this Holy Holie.  I am briefed to have no mercy for those who cling to deceptions or corrupt ways. What I see on the horizon is radical change. And I believe it is going to be Blood for Blood. Suffering for suffering. There are forces amongst us on earth that do not like what have become of us. They are now calling for change. Rapid change. Although some would like to blame these times of change on a particular religion or race, as I become wiser I see that often these events of radical change are brought about by the forces of the universe itself. As I awakened my spiritual vision did not just allow me to see the forces of our creator working in the present. I also began to see the guiding forces of the creator in my past.

It does not concern me how many trolls or shills the system send at me to tell me I am this or that or the other. Their taunts are meaningless to me. There forces of corruption are transmuted through my spine to higher strength. I know through my study of history and the study of other mens lives that I am both fit and able to take command of the position that I am being called on to fill.

This role will will involve the undoing of the deceptions previous men in my position have brought to pass and returning humanity to a state of decency.

I highly encourage you to research our works and the things that we are saying and connect with the truthers we are referencing. It is not the time in history to be on the wrong side of truth. The consequences for those that remain on the side of corruption are going to be severe.

We are going to begin publishing practical advice on how citizens and business people can take action to begin putting an end to the criminal system that is responsible for the crime of genocide in Australia. This will include legal, financial and living advice that will help you begin taking action and preparing for changes in the system.

I don’t give a damn if the men responsible for this crime against humanity are the men whose boots Donald J Trump licks. They are engaged in acts of deception, they are guilty of the crime of Genocide in the lands of Australia and if they do not cease in their crimes against humanity we are going to insist that they serve the rest of their life behind bars to educate a generation on what happens to people who further their wealth by acts of deceit.

I would advise the people responsible for these crimes of deception to come forward. It is time for hands on Bibles.


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