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Vaporize Australia founder pledges to never use media to support false or simulated events.

Vaporize Australia founder pledges to never use media to support false or simulated events.
March 17, 2017 Vaporize

Today Vaporize Australia founder pledged to never use media or media coverage to support false or simulated events.

In a statement he said:

When I look around in Australia I can see that many businesses are propped up by the propagation of falsity and the use of False events. In Australia we recently saw a staged car attack that served the interests of a number of specific industries. This kind of false event would ultimately benefit The police Industry (Yes it is an industry), The insurance industry, The government, the emergency services and potentially the medical / hospital industry. However building industries on the basis of falsity and fraud is not how we should be building society. We should be building society based on honesty and truth. Business should rise and fall on the basis of what is honest, legitimate and true.

It is fairly evident when you look at things like tax rates and insurance premiums they are influenced by the range of deceptions that are perpetrated in society in order to prop up these businesses. Even the police force are propped up by false crime rates. So ultimately honest citizens are left to pay for the deceptions of various institutions putting undue strain on the population.

Recently I have been studying the works of Stanley Kubrick and jostled with the merits of his work and struggled with the fact that I ultimately appreciated his work but had reservations about the falsified / simulated moon landing portrayed as a real event to the broader population. Although there is positive intent in the work in some ways, it is evident that Kubrick himself really did not choose or want to get involved in doing this but committed to a contract without his knowing and ultimately had to hold to it for a long period. He paints a picture that shows when he committed to this he was drinking, arrogant and full of ambition and ignorance without being fully aware of what he was committing to at the time of making the agreement.

The truth of the matter is that events like the moon landing and 9/11 contain lessons for humanity, but these can just as easily be taught if we have a population full of leaders considerate enough to teach through the honesty of their enterprises and works. There is no need to simulate events and project false events into reality and into the human mind.

In concluding Vaporize Australia or any of our associated publications will never publish or project simulated events as reality to our viewing audience. If we ever find the events we cover are false or constructed for specific commercial interests we reserve the right to disclose or publish this.


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