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Vaporize Australia Founder Calls for International and Domestic media scrutiny of Mike Baird’s Power Grid Sale.

Vaporize Australia Founder Calls for International and Domestic media scrutiny of Mike Baird’s Power Grid Sale.
October 25, 2016 Vaporize

Today Vaporize Australia founder called for independent Australian and International media to scrutinise Mike Baird’s sale of the NSW power grid to Australian Superannuation funds.

Vaporize Australia Founder Said:

On the surface this appears to be typical white collar crime. The Australian power grid is an asset that will be rapidly depreciating in value. The cost of battery technology is falling rapidly and it will become increasingly difficult for governments to keep Australian families on the grid. Therefore the value and need of utility lines will depreciate rapidly over the coming years. It appears that the NSW Government have sold the utility lines to superannuation funds, meaning the value of the rapidly depreciating asset is put on the people and the peoples retirement funds.

In the deal it appears that half of the ownership will remain in the Governments hands (i.e owned by the people) and the other half will be sold to superannuation funds (Administrators of Australians compulsory retirement funds).

Vaporize Australia encourage researchers to track the communications related to opposition of the sale such as ( which may be shed light on whether this sale is an inside job intended to place financial burden on working Australians.

The Chinese sale angle may just be a communications ploy to encourage Australians to oppose the sale and trigger typical fear of foreign ownership.

Additionally, Mr Baird’s recent trips to Israel may shed light on the origins of the financial fraud, as it is highly likely this type of move will be orchestrated by higher powers in banking and finance.

It needs to be noted that this deal was completed at a time Mike Baird was under extreme political pressure and needed political points.

We encourage all Australians who care about the financial performance of their superannuation funds to pay close attention to this sale as it progresses in the future as we believe what we are suggesting in this post will transpire. The need for utility lines will drop, their value will diminish rapidly and the losers will now be Australian workers.

In addition to tracking the value of the asset sold to Australian super funds we also need to be vigilant as to whether or not the supposed value of the sale does flow back into genuine infrastructure projects.

Mr Baird, the people are vigilant and observant of your every move in office and you are being watched. I can assure you if what we outline in this post transpires you and your family will begin to feel very uncomfortable living in your own nation.


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