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Sovereign Stuart Andrew to establish Court of the decoded light.

Sovereign Stuart Andrew to establish Court of the decoded light.
August 25, 2017 Vaporize

Today Vaporize Australia founder Sovereign Stuart Andrew announced his intention to establish a Court in the Light whose purpose will be to decode works of light that the previous generation of leaders have left to us.

Our court will be to ensure that media, financial and government institutions are leading with the light of truth. We also aim to allow a new generation of authentic nobility to emerge across the lands of earth by tackling government and media deception and corruption as well as deception and corruption within the law industry.

The boundaries of our court will stretch between the four sides of our monitor and audiences monitors alike and our judgments will be passed in the light emitted from this court. May our judgements serve to ensure global political and financial and commercial institutions adhere to the light of historical truth and human decency.

It is our intention to continue decoding and bringing to light the truths that the previous generation of leaders have left to us. It is our hope that through this work we will maximise the potential of future generations by preventing acts of fraud, deception and criminality being perpetrated by the political, financial and ‘nobility’ classes.

To date our works have been carried out in the spirit of honesty such that they bring equity and honesty and decency to the political, economic and social institutions of the earth.

May our works serve to uplift the Anglo Celtic, Latin and Israelite peoples of the earth and through the strengthening of ethics, morality and decency amongst our own people and through the heightening of our own standards likewise uplift all others.

More specific aims of our court will be to seek justice for people who have been enslaved, defrauded and murdered by a Generation who have chosen to levy taxation and justice in an environment of simulated authority and toxic stupefaction of the citizenry through a range of chemical and electromagnetic weapons of war. As people wake up to the fact that they have been prosecuted, imprisoned taxed and governed by acts of deception they are going to be furious. Our court will aim to advocate on the behalf of those who have suffered the worst while seeking formal trials be held in Australia for crimes against humanity and genocide and that the international benefactors of these crimes appear to stand trial. As we write this we still have judicial figures in Australia administering justice under the guise of simulated nobility while government figures are hastily trying to undo their crimes against humanity visible in the level of indigenous incarceration. The more we focus on our works, the faster these crimes will stop being carried out and the sooner government figures can focus on releasing, pardoning and caring for victims of fabricated crimes structured to benefit international banking classes.

I will not be seeking any type of compensation or payment for my ongoing works in decoding history for the upliftment of humanity and undertake the works as a gift for next generation of leaders on earth.

In a statement Sovereign Stuart Andrew said:

Some of our past creative works have not been carried out with the same aim, some of it is intended to be just good old fashioned political slating. Now that I have seen the power in bringing truth to light and ensuring the youth are guided by the light of truth, I will sharpen my focus and ensure that works carried our with the purpose will both be focused and more deeply researched. In my very short history doing this kind of decoding, I have come across some talented decoders that have both inspired and taught me things about different movies. However with my broad interest in spirituality, commerce and social justice, I love coming up with my own takes on things, getting to know directors and their tricks and trying to extract valuable truths and histories that our creative ancestors have shared with us.

May any financial institution, government or house of nobility real or simulated that land in the shadows of the light emitted by our works be subject to the wrath of the people and should those responsible for the crime of Genocide in Australia choose to flee from their crimes, let God deliver to them the ultimate justice. Blood for Blood. Suffering for Suffering.


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