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Out of Chaos – Australia is nicer without Aircraft Noise.

Out of Chaos – Australia is nicer without Aircraft Noise.
May 5, 2020 Vaporize

One of the nice things that has come out of the so called medical pandemic is that we get to experience in Australia the nice peaceful nature.

You know Ill shout out a random dude on youtube. Because the concept was in my mind. And there I was watching trashy videos on youtube and this guy echoed my exact sentiments or thought. Is that one of the things that the bible does gift us is peace. And some of what slow downs is causing is more peace. That Random dude was DMX.

Any way we are seeing that now and in Australia the Animals are coming out more. Its a hard thing to balance. How do we keep everyone happy with a busy business and keep our nations nice. So all around the world people are reporting a glut of cars, I have never been a huge car person. Its nice to see a lesser societal focus on cars. Some of the cars on the market are just ridiculous. And every wanker seems to want to own a shiny new 4wd. I do feel like we need to be a little humbler about getting to places.

But anyway Australia is beautiful with a little less air Chaos. We have noticed that there has been an increase in Air Traffic In Australia. I don’t know how to get that balance right. Maybe in restarting we will be wiser in choosing where we are flying to and why. And always remember with your automobiles, both of your indicators are the same colour.


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