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The Importance of fighting Tyranny and bringing Truth to light.

The Importance of fighting Tyranny and bringing Truth to light.
June 17, 2017 Vaporize

Recently we have been decoding and publishing information concealed in Hollywood movies that were released almost 20 years ago. Despite the fact these films are already dated, the release of this information is clearly ruffling feathers. This in itself tells a fairly interesting story. Many incorporations are propped up on lies and are willing to sit on them as long as they physically can. Not only will they sit on them, they will enact very dangerous force to enforce their position in society.

So just as in yesteryear different orders encoded the secrets of man, time, truth and light on the walls and stained-glass windows of chapels so that in the event that tyranny took hold via the menace of an evil pope which historically have been plentiful, anyone with the desire to seek truth through study would be empowered with the light of their wise ancestors. The last generation of wise leaders have encoded the secrets of man, time truth and light in Hollywood movies for us to utilise to ensure that earth is not beset by tyranny.

I am not briefed by anyone. I am not on the take from anyone. I am not out to destroy anyone. Except for the corporate tyranny which is clearly present in our nation at this point in time. So I sit there and watch old Hollywood movies. I run them across the ol pineal gland. Do a little research and read between the lines. A little guess work on top and it really helps you to piece together what has happened on this plane in decades past. From this research it is my belief that the beings that encoded this information in these movies did so in the best interests of humanity.

One example of these movies is the Wizard of Oz which is encoded with the very basic message of following your intuition and living a life of courage. Not enough people are living this way. This is not by mistake it is by design. People are buried in debt and doused with fear about their very survival and their behaviour changes accordingly. I choose not to live in fear and to be bold in the work that I output so that during my time here on earth the quality of life, the potential for all humanity regardless of race or economic background can be improved. It doesn’t seem like many people are that enthusiastic about bringing truth to light as there are who are happy to leave it concealed, but I would not like to see a world where this very basic human instinct is suppressed.

The sad reality of what is happening in Australia now is that it is innocent children that are suffering from the use of force by men and incorporations that are acting in the interests of numbers on paper and false laws. It requires us all to act and remind ourselves what matters before numbers on paper, flashy houses or flashy cars. I appreciate that in the field of medicine people are invested. I also appreciate that health and death in themselves are issues that generate conflict and turbulence in humanity. Despite this the process of bringing truth to light is imperative for the very regeneration of humanity and in doing so, much in the way of business can be ‘destroyed’. If you are not fast enough yourself to structure your affairs in the best interests of humanity in the spirit of truth and light, then of course you may suffer. But in the destruction of old ways, old experiments and old lies concealed with intention comes the growth of the new ways, new business, progress and improvement for humanity.

It is our whole intention to continue being guided by the light of truth and wisdom that our recent ancestors have passed down to us and use this wisdom to the best of our ability to ensure humanity reach its full potential. We may ruffle some feathers along the way but anyone who is effected should only take it as a lesson that should have been learned by all at youth. That prosperity is achieved by conducting yourself with decency as a human being.

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