Former PM Kevin Rudd Initiates Family Member into Mystery Traditions in Support of Homosexualisation of Nation.

Today ‘Honourable’ former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd uses Australian citizens valuable time and energy to initiate his Godson in to his people’s sacred Mystery Traditions for the Noble purpose of promoting Homosexuality amongst the people.

In a statement about his peoples Noble Ways Mr Kevin Rudd Said:

This Initiation process is a tradition of our peoples. It is a tradition that we pass on from generation to generation. We call it the Mystery Tradition. But the Mystery of the Mysteries is really not a big Mystery. Let me explain to you how It works. Im a Big Fat Liar. Now I’ve initiated my family member. So he’s a Big Fat liar too. From Liar to Liar the tradition is passed amongst us. We lie through our teeth to sell homosexuality. Mysterious right? Very Mysterious indeed. And thats our peoples tradition. Beautiful. Sublime. Mysterious.

The way I see it right, is that If I lie through my teeth, it will put food on my table. God damn to people I damage with my Mysterious lies. Im just happy and proud that we have a bunch of corporate shills that will jump on board my flimsy lies to promote my Godsons flimsy band. From ABC to 7, our corporate shill mates are happy to project our flimsy lies into the consciousness of the people for the sake of a good promo story.

In a statement about the flimsy corporate lies Vaporize Australia’s founder said:

Hey Ruddy old boy. We see though your lame lies. You are a stain on the surface of our humanity and your type are no longer welcome here. Please Leave. Thats the name of a tune from an Aussie band that are actually half way decent.

The Initiates Band are Rumoured to be embarking on a range of tour dates with their well known namesakes. The Butthole Surfers.




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