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Evidence of Financial Fraud Grows in Mike Baird Multi Billion Dollar AusGrid Superannuation Embezzlement.

Evidence of Financial Fraud Grows in Mike Baird Multi Billion Dollar AusGrid Superannuation Embezzlement.
November 11, 2016 Vaporize

Recently we notified people about a multi billion dollar fraud perpetrated by Mike Baird’s government in Cahoots with the financial sector and the state of Israel. Since then more evidence has emerged that this is clearly an intentional deception intended to defraud Australian workers of billions of dollars in retirement savings and illegally fund a criminal rogue government.

Below are some of the points that demonstrate that this is an intentional deception:

Executed as social season begins: It seems like the Ausgrid sale was executed just at the beginning of the social season, as Australians are beginning to prepare for summer and christmas. It was also done right around key social events such as the Melbourne cup when Australians energies are focused on entertainment and socialising.
Executed during peak of US election cycle: In addition to being done at a time of peak distraction in Australia, many australians were focused on the US elections that contained all kinds of sensational revelations. It is clear that the corrupt Australian Government thought this would distract Australians so much they would not see a multi billion dollar embezzlement scheme happening right under their noses.
Minimal Media Coverage: There was extraordinarily low media coverage of this massive financial event that has such a large impact on Australian’s financial future.
Probably flagged as issue of national security: Our gut feeling on how this story was suppressed is that media and government will have been told this was a issue of National security. As you will read below however, the security angle being pushed by the government is a fiction.
Pushed through with no due diligence: You will read in the press that as the acquirers are Australian, little due diligence or public consultation was required. It seems uncredible that such a massive transaction with broad reaching implications for all Australians (As super is compulsory) would not require deeper public consultation.

The prime minister has been pushing the line of Energy Security, but the reality is that the greatest energy security Australia could hope for is a strong and independent populace who’s homes are independently powered. There may be energy security issues for bodies like armed forces and big industry, but this should not be funded out of Australian workers retirement funds.

Mike Baird’s Associations are of great concern in this transaction as he has known associations with the Windsor Crime Family who have outstanding warrants for the crime of Genocide and has recently travelled to Israel which is a global financial hub.

It is soul destroying to see our leaders taking photo ops with aboriginal communities and imply they are here to make Australia better, when the reality is they are here perpetrating the large scale financial fraud. Given the extent of this financial deception as Australian citizens we should expect the Australian government to recall our ambassadors from the state of Israel. The extent of this fraud makes it evident that this is an act of war perpetrated against Australian citizens and their future. It is also evident that our leader Malcolm Turnbull is less of an Australian Prime Minister and more an Agent for the state of Israel.

It is time to take Australia back for Australians and let the foreign forces exploiting our citizens reign in their deceptions. They may be waging war by way of deception, but their actors are lame and we see through their flimsy lies. It is time to call on any decent elected representatives, authorities and the broader community to speak up about this treasonous deception against the Australian people and demand that the government begin making decisions that actually represent the interests of the Australian people.

This type of grand deception and genocidal fraud is the exact reason bodies have called for foreign military intervention in Australia to remove the Tyrants lying and defrauding Australians with no regard for their health and wellbeing. We encourage all Australians to speak out against the perpetrators of this fraud and be clear that the fraud has been documented, duly noted and that we will continue to seek justice until the funds are returned to working Australians and the perpetrators face trial for their crime.

It is also evident that the Government have run out of ways to fund their fictitious fraud and are resorting to embezzlement of their own populations wealth to fund what is now a defunct criminal institution already convicted for heinous crimes. We will be publishing and distributing further info to help Australians deal with such a Criminal body whilst continuing with living their day to day lives in Australia.


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