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How to deal with police and police stops in the post crimes against humanity environment.

How to deal with police and police stops in the post crimes against humanity environment.
September 10, 2017 Vaporize

This is a general guide on how to deal with Police stops and fines in the current post crimes against humanity and Genocide environment that saw police incarcerating people for using natural medicine under the direction of Simulated nobility for the benefit of private corporations and international banking bodies.

The first thing that should be said is, it is entirely up to you to drive and act responsibility as a citizen. Find ways to take the need to rush on the roads out of your life and ensure that when you drive or participate in activity where police may be involved, do so with a mindset of responsibility.

Also, we should say as a business in the area of Cannabis, I personally take responsibility with my behaviour before driving. I enjoy consuming cannabis both as an edible and occasionally smoking. I never say to myself, “Ok now I am going to rip a few bongs and go for a drive”. If I know I am going to smoke or eat cannabis, I plan my activities around it and leave it to a time when I can be relaxed at home and not have to drive around town. It is your responsibility as a citizen to organise your life in a responsible fashion.

Now we will move on to the areas where police will try to defraud you and how you can combat that.
– Do not let police take any oral samples from your mouth in the form of testing. This is intrusive and illegal.
– If the police stop you let them know that you will only consent to tests for capability or intoxication. You should record this on your own device and police should be allowed to use video recording as well. This is so that after the incident third parties can determine if you as a citizen are intoxicated or if the police are revenue raising / being excessively forceful.
– Check all fines and fees for the use of a Glossa or uppercase dog latin. All use of Dog latin is Fraud and you have the right to challenge them and not pay. Paying fraudulent fines is terrible for our nations economy and our peoples way of life.
– Remember that all fines are civil matters and you should be able to resolve them with written communications alone. Resolving fraudulent fines should just entail you writing out letters to police forces and doing some backward and forward communication.

If you feel like you have received a fine because you have done something irresponsible or dangerous, pay the fine.

The sad reality of what has happened in Australia is that the governing powers have manipulated the population along the lines of greed, vanity, ignorance and desire. Many leaders in Australia including those in Business, Banking, Government and Policing fell prey to such manipulation and have acted in the best interests of themselves in their job roles at the expenses of our humanity as a nation. While we know that these crimes will rest on the perpetrators souls for the rest of time, we as a community need to step up to the plate and implement more respectable systems, practices and ways of dealing with each other and administering law than the previous generation have proven themselves capable of.

If you find yourself being harassed by police, jump onto social media and connect with people, they don’t like knowing their criminality is being documented in the public domain.


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